Ecclesiastical Escape…

With a muddled brain, in search of peace, en-route to town for errands – I followed a sign leading to a Church which I have never visited before.  I stole ten minutes from my hectic schedule, just enough to recharge my failing batteries and snap a few pictures. The solace of solitude is sometimes just what you need in order to keep treading that fast pace of life….

I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Keep on walking


I stumble but somehow remain rooted.

I seek light but the darkness follows me.

Whichever way I turn the sunshine hides.

I open my mouth but no sound escapes.

There are no ears to hear my silent cries.

Through the trees I weave and wind.

I will emerge through the thicket

And will turn my face to the sunshine.

I must keep on walking.

Open your eyes

2015-02-01 20.47.00

When you are out and about, busy rushing here and there…keep your eyes open, you never know what traces of our past lurk, unseen.  They remind me of the buildings in Harry Potter films, which are not seen unless you actually look for them. I did not go out of my way to seek out these places today, I went about my business and decided I would snap any which I walked past. How rich our heritage is, what beautiful buildings surround us…you just have to keep your eyes open.  Next time you are shopping in town, see how many you can spot…you may be surprised!

Author Sarah Colliver Takes Over Blondewritemore #Guestblogger #wordtherapy


I was excited and flattered to have been asked to guest blog on the brilliant BLONDEWRITEMORE blog. I was also, I confess, a little nervous at the pospect – could I produce something that would be both interesting and worthy of such a blog? But I had a go and this is it – I hope you enjoy reading it! :) I thank you for your kind invitation and introduction BlondeWriteMore Blog!

Originally posted on Blondewritemore:

Sarah Colliver

Here at Blondewritemore we all leapt for joy when news came through that the author of the novel ‘Echoes From The Past’, and blogger Sarah Colliver, had agreed to write a guest post. The BWM office has been buzzing all week with talk of what Sarah Colliver is going to write about during her Blondewritemore takeover.

Her blog is such an enchanting place to visit, filled with some beautiful photos and wonderful samples of her writing. Perfect reading material for when you are nicely settled on a comfy sofa.

Without further ado let me introduce the amazing Sarah Colliver. She is an author, blogger, a mum of two boys and a wife of 14 years. She enjoys writing, walking her beagle in the Forest of Dean and nibbling on cheese.

Sarah Colliver is also my writing ‘buddy’ and has given me a lot of writing advice, support and guidance recently which I…

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Dearest Friday,

How I have missed you.  It has been too long since we last were together, with that promise of a cheeky drink(or three) and the thought of a lay-in following our late night. I have been counting down the minutes until this moment, since late Sunday.

Now you are here, I promise whole heartedly to appreciate you. I will savour every second and relish the feeling you give to me.  Let me raise my glass to you dear friend!

Your biggest fan,



I have been writing ‘seriously’ for five years. I had always jotted away now and then, for comfort and as an outlet, but it wasn’t until busily creating my first novel that I became a committed writer.  It was as this transition began, that I realised just how lonely a writer’s world can be.  How plagued with self- doubt we are:

“Is my work any good?”

“Will anyone like it?”

“Perhaps I should just give up now?”

“I couldn’t possibly write as wonderfully as that, could I?”

I am sure that any writer who is now reading this will be furiously nodding, because the little voice who relishes whispering to us questions just like these, attacks us all at some point.

Writing as a hobby, with aspirations of becoming a fully-fledged author someday, does not provoke the enthusiasm of those around.  The non-writing world, which is most definitely where I live for the most part, is not turned on by writing. Or remotely interested in how hard I work towards my goal, or even engaged in any conversation which I may attempt to initiate on the subject. Therefore, a writer’s world can be lonely.

The world of ‘blogging’ is a wonderful platform for meeting other likeminded people.  People, who you can learn from, share tips with and generally feel like SOMEONE is interested in what you may have to say! It is a place which can often calm that inner voice; shush those thoughts of doubt.

It is A HAVEN.

Something exciting happened to me through this ‘blog world’. I met a ‘writing buddy’.  To me, having this new person in my life has changed my whole experience of being a writer. I have someone to share ideas with, to constructively offer advice on my latest creation and I can pick up the phone to someone who I KNOW wants to hear what I have to say.  I no longer stumble in the dark, questioning myself.  The partnership is completely mutual.  It is a wonderful friendship, based on the foundation of our writing but promises so much more. She is probably going to be the one who knows me best – because as much as I love the other people in my life – my writing buddy knows ALL OF ME. My inner most thoughts, which would usually be banished to a notebook, I will now share with her, because she is hungry for words, like me.

I hope that everyone can find a special ‘writing buddy’,who can encourage in times of doubt and nag you to pick up that pen. In the meantime, KEEP ON BLOGGING!!

A Blooming Friendship


A new friendship is like planting a spring bulb.  As you surround the bulb with nourishing soil, you are full of hope, for a flourishing, beautiful and individual bloom.  You are never quite sure if it will blossom, but you nurture and water it as often as is necessary.  Sometimes, the bulbs come to nothing and the flower does not appear, after all you cannot force something to grow. But when it does bloom, the reward is a colourful, addition to your life, which brings a smile to your face.

Friends are flowers in the garden of life.

A letter to a dear friend #writersblock

Dear Writing,

When I have needed you most, you have stepped forward.  In my darkest times you have assisted my recovery with an outlet for my jumbled emotions.  When dear friends got married, you enabled me to gift them a reading, written just for them.  Together we have created a whole fictional world which is available to strangers I will never meet. We have provoked emotions, touched lives of many. We are a good team you and I on the whole.  We bash out ideas, some which never see the light of day and encourage others to fulfil their own potential. We excitedly share metaphors and similes, twisting together paragraphs and phrases, just for fun.

But for some reason tonight, my inspiration is hushed and it is as if we have fallen out.  Have I done something to upset you? Is it because I have been slack on the writing front lately, given you the cold shoulder? Taken you for granted maybe? On reflection, they are all good enough reasons for you to shut me out of your wonderful world.  But I ask one thing, please don’t give up on me because I need you. And for most of the time, I love you. But perhaps you are right to take a break from me, just for a day or two, until I can sort out my chaotic brain, stretched with everyday crap.

I look forward to getting back with you soon, my dear friend.

Your forever companion,


Writers and The Hatching Process #Guestblogger


Just found this reblog button after many years of blogging! THought I would like to share this fab piece, which makes so much sense! :)

Originally posted on Blondewritemore:


We are now in for a real treat Blondewritemore readers, as the amazing and super talented blogger Kelsey Horton has agreed to do a guest post (cue the round of applause and excited faces). She has even brought with her an adorable little chick to go with her post (I do love guest bloggers who bring me little cute things) so without further ado let me introduce Kelsey.

Kelsey Horton is a Chicago-based writer and sustainability do-gooder who writes about stuckness, empowerment, and full-tilt shining at You must check out her blog.

Ok Kelsey…Blondewritemore is all yours:

Writers have a knack of getting in our way.

We read a piece of someone else’s writing and gasp at its crispness and truth, but our own pen plunks against the page. We want our writing to soar, but the words come out cramped and hollow.

We compare our fledgling works-in-progress to someone…

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