Quick update on my progress with my book…

I was really lucky to be interviewed on BBC Radio Gloucestershire on Saturday 8th November.  It was my first ever interview and it was LIVE, so I was extremely nervous.  I have to say, however, that I faced my fears and conquered them! I ended up absolutely LOVING IT! If you wanted to have a little listen, you can do so by clicking this link below.

I was a little wobbly at first but soon settled into it! This was my pre-interview selfie!


The Letter


Found this today, it was one of my very first posts, when I was new to blogging and I do not even remember writing it! :) Happy Thursday friends!

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Cottage (Photo credit: slinky2000)

The steaming mug of coffee was reviving and bringing with it the hope that she could push through and stay awake long enough to make it to the end of the day.  It had been a hard slog, starting at 5am with last minute packing and cleaning but she was almost there with only one more load of furniture to go.  Once that last load was emptied she could breathe again and answer the call of her rumbly tummy. She allowed a tiny smile, casting her eyes over the ramshackle cottage that was now her home; though not wanting to jinx her current situation which afforded her a generous amount of luck for once. She began to reflect on the day when she had received that official looking letter; the day it had all begun- when her luck changed and with it the direction of her life.

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A sensory walk in the Forest of Dean

My brisk and chilly dog walk was a pleasure today.  I say brisk, it cannot have been that brisk, as I took over 50 photographs, but I had intended it so.  Like so many other times, today, I was captured by the magic of the Forest of Dean.

The sun threw shadows in my path and every direction which I turned offered a different colour.  The leaves, which crunched satisfactorily beneath my feet, spread as far as I could see and the rustling of squirrels darting about, drove my dog to distraction.

I stumbled across a little moss clad stump, which had obviously been used as a little picnic area by squirrels and impressive fungi of some kind( I am no expert). These reminded me of when I used to tell my boys that the fairies lived beneath them.  I still like to think they do, although sadly my boys have moved on from this.

All in all, my daily dog walk served to remind me to be thankful for my beautiful environment. The Forest of Dean truly is a magical place.

Turn the light on, please?

Fumbling around in the dark

Searching for which way to turn.

Where will I find what it is that I seek?

My empty stomach aches

And my hands shake.

I am lost.

I want to be found

To be scooped up

And offered reassurance.

But I don’t know where to begin

Or how to reach out.

Please, can someone turn the light on?

Together again within my dreams…

I have shared this before, but as I have been dreaming about my Mum once again, I have decided to repost this poem.  I wonder if others feel this way sometimes?

Together – You and I

Walk with me once again-

Chat about the news like we used to.

When my eyes are closed,

The magic wand is waved

And you return to me.

I have the key to bring you back-

If only for those darkness hours

Amidst my slumber.

Together we share moments again.

For I carry you around

Within my aching heart

Which heals, but will never truly mend.

So please dear Mum,

Keep seeking my open door.

I will leave on a light and welcome you home,

And through my dreams

Together you and I will steal our time.