Solo indie needs YOU!

1017579_10151450956741417_1003708502_n[1]As my release date looms in the near future, I am still desperately dreaming up ideas to promote, as well as trawling through the huge amount of advice on the internet.  It is daunting to a novice like me.  I thought I would share with you what I have done so far and how effective they have been.  But I would LOVE to hear from ANYONE out there, who has useful advice for me!

So far, this is what I have been doing to try and get the word out:

I have built up a fan page on Facebook for my book – good for spreading the word, but I have realised that you cannot overdo the posts as people become uninterested.

I link my blog and Amazon to Twitter – this does seem to bring more people to my blog, not sure how effective it is with Amazon do you tell? Also have not worked out how to tweet Facebook stuff yet.

I have joined Goodreads –  I am on there, but have not quite gelled with this yet, do not have many friends on there and not sure how to go about increasing this.

I have created an author bio on Amazon – I am please with the changes I have made to this, it sounds more professional and although I did not have a pro-photo taken, it is a more formal picture than previously.

I am running a competition to ‘celebrate’ the launch of my book, on Facebook – This seems to be going well, it is a coffee set as my main character LOVES coffee, but if I am honest although it is spreading my name, I am sceptical that it will create more sales.

I have had little cards printed and have been trying to give those out to people locally(it is set locally) & sent them further afield to family and friends to give to a friend or two- people seem to really like these.  I made pretty ones, with enough information to be found on the internet and my hook for the book.

I have contacted the local radio station – do not think this is going to happen though.

I have contacted the local newspaper- still waiting on this one.

I have also joined some online free book promo groups – This is a more recent thing, so I cannot tell yet whether this helps or not, but my feeling is, that it is better to be in as many places as possible rather than hidden away.

So, as you can see, I feel as though I have pretty much exhausted what I can do!  Does anyone out there want to share ideas on here?  I am keen to hear FROM YOU!

Revisiting Ross on Wye

There are so many beautiful buildings in Ross.  Most are historical and I often feel compelled to pause and think about those deep in the past who once wandered the streets.  I also snap away if time permits and so I have pulled some of my favourite pictures to re-share with you all.

A random collection of flowers..shame I cannot name them all!

I often snap away at beautiful flowers – I cannot resist them.  Here are a few I have found – I have so many more! Hope you enjoy the colours!

Winter wonderland – seasons

In winter, we are often snowed in here.  These pictures are from the particularly harsh winter of 2010.  We had just moved here and to our delight had a visiting dove for a few months.  This was extremely comforting, as it arrived the morning before my mum passed away here, right by her window.  The icicles were incredible!


Summer sun – seasons

So much beauty all around.

Spring back – seasons

Spring walks in the Herefordshire countryside are beautiful.

Thought for the day – Grief


Grief is a journey, but not one that you undertake by choice or with excitement.  Once you begin walking the path, there is no turning back to those days before you began.  You want to return, in fact this yearning is sometimes all consuming, but you cannot.

Grief is a physical pain, sometimes.   It is exasperatingly exhausting and sends you into panics. It provokes questions: “How will I cope?” “When will life feel normal again?” “When will I stop feeling sick?” Most of the time you cannot find the answers to these incessant questions.

Everyone treads a slightly different path through grief, because after all, every one of us are individual. Grief can turn your ordered brain to mush and make decision making impossible. It is capable of robbing you of sleep and starving you of food.

One thing I will say, to those caught up in the midst of grief, feeling alone, is that, if you allow it to run its’ powerful course, and choose to see the light, it will pass.  You can never emerge completely in tact, losing someone is life changing.  But you will laugh again and think clearly.

  You will find yourself once more.

Thought for the day – Fear


Today, I am feeling overwhelmed with self doubt about my book being ‘out there’.  I desperately want to share the story which has evolved from within, but equally am terrified at this prospect.  I know that it is too late to pull out as people have already began to order it, which in one way is good- because I may be tempted to pull back otherwise.

The voice in my head, that speaks only negative words, willing me to fail and take no risks…is the voice of FEAR!! I am working on ignoring the rather nasty noise that he makes, and am desperately busy creating a cacophony of positivity within my brain.  I must win this battle, because if I let Mr. Fear take a hold of me, he will stifle my creativity and I will wither.

No, MR. FEAR!  Ye shall NOT control me!