Since beginning my blog, I have written many poems and taken many photographs.  I decided it might be an idea to bring some of them together in a short collection, which is available on AMAZON.  It is FREE at the moment (until 17th April), so if you were so inclined to have a look it would actually cost you NOTHING! :) You just need to click above! Of course, as always, I am interested in feedback too, so would welcome the time it would take you to comment. I hope you like it!

In my dreams…

Today I am writing about my Mum. It would have been her birthday on the 13th April and so she is dancing around in my conscious at the moment, shouting for a voice. When I awoke this morning, I had once again dreamt of her and so reached for my laptop immediately to put virtual pen to paper. The dreams have been a regular occurrence since her passing in 2009. In the months following her sudden death, I was comforted by her visits every night as I slept. They weren’t fancy adventures. They offered no deep conversations or revelations but simple moments, shadows from deep within my tangled memory. Perhaps they are playbacks of real events or shuffled pictures stored in my minds’ photo album. Never the less these imaginings offered the one thing my waking hours could never bring. Now, life moves further away from those precious days of having a living and inspirational mum in my life. My journey since that heart-breaking day has proved that life, despite shattering around us when we experience the death of someone we love, somehow pieces back together. The enormous gaping hole, left by lost loved ones, is sewn shut over time. It is not invisibly mended and the stitches are scars upon those left behind. Throughout this repairing process, they continue to be part of our life, as we carry them around within our hearts whilst forging forwards into a future without them.



Together – You and I

Walk with me once again-

Chat about the news like we used to.

When my eyes are closed,

The magic wand is waved

And you return to me.

I have the key to bring you back-

If only for those darkness hours

Amidst my slumber.

Together we share moments again.

For I carry you around

Within my aching heart

Which heals, but will never truly mend.

So please dear Mum,

Keep seeking my open door.

I will leave on a light and welcome you home,

And through my dreams

Together you and I will steal our time.


I am not sure if this will work but I need help!!

I think that I am using WORDPRESS on a very basic level….and that there is more to it that I am not sure how to use..

1) What is ‘pressing’ and should I be using it?

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3) Are categories or tags more important?

4) Any other tips that you may have would be VERY much appreciated!!



Please comment below with any advice.




Old Man of the Forest

Old Man of the Forest

A regular route on our daily beagle adventures, leads us passed this ancient knarred tree. I always marvel at the twists and turns of the bark and if you look closely, unless it is just me going a little mad…on the right it looks a little like a face trying to escape from within the tree. Perhaps he is the old man of the forest, guarding secrets from across the years.

To name but a few….

Whilst taking a stroll down memory lane, I thought I might have a think about which were my favourite photographs. These are the ones that I decided on…they are from various places which mean a lot to me. Featuring Swanage, Ross on Wye, my garden & the Forest of Dean…can you decide which is where?



















Gloucester Cathedral…Have you visited?

Gloucester Cathedral...Have you visited?

Reasons to visit:
-It is a breath-taking structure. Its’ imposing beauty cannot fail to impress.
-It is rich in history, being a site of worship for over 1300 years.
-It is the final resting place of King Edward II & Robert Duke of Normandy (the eldest son of William the Conqueror).
-Edward Jenner (creator of Smallpox vaccine) has a memorial statue within.
- It is one of many places which was used to film Harry Potter.